Acid Dye Inks
Acid Ink for Silk Nylon Wool Fabrics
    • Registered trademark: SILKMATE®
    • Certification: OEKO-TEX
    • Colors: C/HC/M/HM/Y/K/LC/LM/LK/FM/FY/R/B/OR/LK/GY
    • Applicable textile: silk, wool, albumen fiber and polyamide
    • Applicable printhead models: Kyocera KJ4B series, EPSON S3200, KM, Seiko, Ricoh GEN6, Ricoh GEN5, Starlight 1024, etc.
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Introduction to SILKMATE® Acid Dye Ink

Application: SILKMATE® acid dye ink is suitable for digital printing of protein fibers such as silk and wool and textiles such as nylon; and digital printing of carpets, swimwear, decorative fabrics and fabrics based on the above fabrics. SILKMATE® acid dye ink is suitable for all thermal foam and micro piezo inkjet printers.

Hongsam SILKMATE® acid dye inkjet ink is made by more than 30 kinds of suitable acid dyes, and it’s the best inkjet ink for digital printing of silk, wool and nylon, etc. It has excellent color fastness, high washing fastness, strong stability, and can be applied to various digital printing machines with piezoelectric printheads, protecting nozzles of printer. Compared with the traditional printing and dyeing process, the process of inkjet printing using Hongsam digital acid printing ink is simplified, energy-saved (save inks) and friendly environmental (less waste water).

Printing Process:

Fabric pretreatment → digital printing → drying → steaming (102°C, 25-30mins) → washing → drying → finished product.

Note: Whether color fixing agent is needed is according to actual needs.

Supporting Auxiliary Products:

* Acid pretreatment slurry AP-01

* Acid cleaning agent AW-01

* Acid color fixing agent AF-01

* Cleaning doctor

* Ink guide liquid

acid ink

Qualification of Hongsam Acid Dye Ink

1. The acid inkjet ink owns national invention patent and independent intellectual property rights.

2. The water-based acid ink was successfully selected into the Catalogs of the 12th Lot for Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Issued by China's Printing and Dyeing Industry.

3. Hongsam Digital is the drafting unit of the national standard for acid dye ink.

4. The digital printing acid ink is very environmentally friendly, passed the ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX®.

Advantages of Hongsam Acid Dye Ink

1. The acid ink is with complete chromatogram, bright color and high saturation.

2. The ink is with high light fastness, meeting the level 6 light fastness standard after 160 hours of sunlight.

3. The wool fabric printing ink is with high fixation rate, less washing and floating dyeing, reducing the pressure of sewage treatment.

4. Fluorescent ink such as fluorescent red and fluorescent yellow are available.

5. Unique ink formula solved the problem of low fixation rate of Cyan and poor washing fastness.

6. The silk fabric printing ink is made of high-purity acid dye, with high fluency, suitable for industrial continuous printing

7. The PH value of the nylon printing ink is stable, so as to protect print heads.

8. The acid carpet printing ink has high color saturation and wide color gamut. Hongsam Digital can provide various color schemes and spot color schemes.

9. The acid ink is water-based, and the raw material of the ink is safe and environmentally friendly, and does not contain harmful substances.

Printing Samples of Hongsam Acid Dye Ink

Acid Dye Ink

Acid Dye Ink

Acid Dye Ink

Will Acid Ink Corrode the Nozzle?

Maybe some people think that acidic digital printing ink is more acidic and corrosive, which will damage the nozzle. This is actually a misunderstanding. Acid ink is made of acid dyes, and acid dyes are water-soluble dyes with acidic groups in their structure. Therefore, acid inks are just suitable for printing acidic media, the pH of acid ink is not acidic.

The PH value of the acidic digital printing ink can be adjusted to be alkalescence which is most suitable for the print head. At the same time, acidic ink will not hydrolyze, so the pH value of acid ink can be kept stable for a long time, which is safe for the nozzle.

Acid Ink Is the Best Choice for Printing Silk, Nylon and Wool

The dyeing performance of nylon is similar to that of wool. It has excellent wearing properties such as excellent strength, wear resistance, soft hand feeling and light texture, so it occupies an important position in synthetic fibers. Nylon is comfortable to wear and light, and can be applied to clothing fabrics such as mountaineering suits, sportswear, and swimsuits. For the printing of nylon fabrics, acid dye inks are the preferred inks for printing nylon fabrics because the dyes can combine with the terminal amine groups of nylon through strong ionic bonds or electrostatic attraction to obtain bright colors with excellent color fastness.

Using Method and Notes

Using Method:

1. After opening, the ink can be directly poured into ink cartridges to be used, any diluting or mixing is not needed.

2. When installing printer or replacing ink, please clean it with pure water first, then clean the pipeline of printer with matched cleaning solution, and then clean the pipeline with pure water (mineral water cannot be used instead of pure water) before putting ink.

3. If printer is loaded with ink, please stop the printer after moisturizing the print head when the printer is not working.


1. When pretreating fabric, pay attention to the uniform amount of liquid in the left, middle and right, and control the liquid rate at about 60-80%; and the fabric must be fully dried no matter before or after printing.

2. Working environment: room temperature 20-25℃, humidity 40-80%RH, non-condensing, dust-free.

3. It is strictly forbidden to drink this product, please place the ink out of reach of children.

4. It is strictly forbidden to mix with other types of ink.

5. The shelf life is 1 year in a closed, cool and light-proof environment. It is recommended to use it within two months after opening.

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