HONGSAM Participated in ITMA 2011 International Textile Machinery Exhibition
Jan 05,2024


As the largest textile machinery exhibition in the world, ITMA is owned by the European Textile Machinery Manufacturing Association (CEMATEX). It is considered an Olympic event in the field of international textile machinery and the most important exhibition platform in the field of international textile consumables and textile machinery. It has been of great guiding significance to the textile machinery industry for more than half a century. Every four years, the cycle points out the direction for the development of international textile enterprises in the next stage. The high quality, complete set of printing solutions, rich exhibits, participation of market-leading companies and unparalleled internationality are its obvious advantages.

After HONGSAM participated in ITMA 2007 in Munich, Germany in 2007, HONGSAM once again grandly participated in ITMA 2011 International Textile Machinery Exhibition (ITMA) in Barcelona, Spain from September 22 to September 29, 2011. HONGSAM booth number is Hall H4. A124.

HONGSAM displayed four main products for digital printing:
“HotMe®” sublimation ink and printed cloth samples
“Jettextile®” textile pigment ink printing solution and printed fabric samples
“ReactoMe®” reactive ink and printed fabric samples
“Silkmate®” Acid Ink

”ReactoMe®” reactive inks are mainly suitable for digital printing of cotton, linen, viscose fiber, silk and other fabrics, and can be used for digital printing of cotton fabrics, rayon, silk fabrics, wool fabrics and other natural fiber fabrics. This reactive dye ink is suitable for fabric fibers such as pure cotton, linen, artificial cotton, MODEL, bamboo fiber, TENCEL, etc.

“Jettextile®” textile pigment ink is suitable for direct printing on all textiles. It can be used for digital textile printing, personalized garment direct printing, and cut-piece printing, such as direct printing on clothing, decorative fabrics, garments, bags, shoe materials, etc. “Jettextile®” textile pigment ink is a professional digital printing and dyeing pigment ink based on nano pigments that fully complies with the production methods of inkjet printing and dyeing machinery. It is suitable for digital printing of cotton fabrics, silk fabrics, chemical fibers and blended fabrics, knitted fabrics, sweaters, towels, and blankets, etc.

In addition to HONGSAM, digital printing giants STOCK, Zimmer, MS, TOSHIN, KOGY, MIMAKI, KONICA, MINOLTA, ROLAND, and D-GEN also displayed their latest digital printing products. Honghua, China's largest digital printing machine manufacturer, also participated in the exhibition.

Digital printing is already the trend of future development, with its advantages of personalization, short process, low cost, convenience and speed. With the continuous advancement of digital printing technology, it has gradually got rid of the discrimination of traditional printing on the speed of digital printing. Especially at the ITMA exhibition, many new products can already compete with the speed of traditional printing.

As a professional digital printing ink manufacturer, HONGSAM displayed its latest digital printing inks, expanded its international influence, and accumulated a large number of customer resources, laying solid foundation for opening up the digital printing market.

See you at ITMA 2015 in Milan, Italy!


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