Disperse Dye Inks
Fluorescent Sublimation Ink

    • Registered trademark: HOTME®

    • Colors: fluorescent red/fluorescent yellow

    • Applicable printhead models: EPSON DX5/DX7/5113/TFP, Ricoh, Seiko, KM, Kyocera, Starfire and other industrial print heads

    • Application: HOTME® fluorescent sublimation inks are suitable for digital printing of polyester fabrics such as cloth, clothing, bags, decorative fabrics, flag fabrics, banners, etc.; and coated metals, ceramics and other materials.

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Introduction to Fluorescent Sublimation Ink

In January 2014, Hongsam Digital launched HOTME® fluorescent thermal transfer inks, fluorescent magenta and fluorescent yellow. HOTME® fluorescent sublimation ink can greatly improve the color performance of textile printing products, and greatly meet the requirements of most textile printing factories on social fashion trends. In the following year, after a long-term practical application test by multiple users, HOTME® fluorescent heat transfer ink is suitable for EPSON DX5/DX7/5113/TFP, Ricoh, Seiko, KM, Kyocera, Starfire and other industrial print heads.

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, the requirements on clothing are getting higher and higher, and clothing with bright colors and high brightness is favored by people now.

The artistic feeling of printing effect of HOTME® fluorescent sublimation ink is stronger than that of conventional printed fabrics, with clearer outline and more three-dimensional effect. HOTME® fluorescent thermal transfer printing ink not only has the coloring characteristics of conventional dye inks, but also can reflect fluorescence, which can significantly improve the saturation and vividness of the fabric. Therefore, HOTME® fluorescent sublimation ink can be widely used in printing advertisement, traffic signs, anti-counterfeit packaging and notice boards of special places, etc.

Fluorescent Sublimation Ink

Qualification of Hongsam Fluorescent Thermal Transfer Ink

1. The fluorescent sublimation ink owns national invention patent and independent intellectual property rights.

2. In 2013, the ink was successfully selected into The Seventh Batch Advanced Technology Catalogs for Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Issued by China's Printing and Dyeing Industry.

3. Hongsam Digital is the drafting unit of the national standard for disperse dye ink.

4. The fluorescent heat transfer ink is very environmentally friendly, passed the ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX®.

Advantages of Hongsam Sublimation Ink

1. Good fluency: the fluorescent sublimation ink is made by micro-filtration technology, with ink particle <0.2μm. The ink droplets are round, with no clogging or oblique spraying, which can greatly reduce white and light-color stains caused by micro ink droplets, suitable for continuous mass printing.

2. High saturation: the fluorescent sublimation ink is with good transfer effect, better reproduction; bright colors, wide gamut, good color depth, etc.

3. High stability: the dispersing auxiliary agent used in the ink is mild, which protects the print head of printer.

4. Economical: high transfer rate, deep color, saving 10-30% ink compared with ordinary ink.

5. High Fastness: washing resistance, sunlight resistance and the rubbing fastness have reached the national standard.

6. Green and environmental protection: the fluorescent thermal transfer ink is water-based, environmentally friendly, and has passed SGS and RoSH certificates, suitable for printing clothing fabrics that contact with skin.

7. In 2013, HOTME® heat transfer ink was was successfully selected into the Catalogs for Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Issued by China's Printing and Dyeing Industry.

8. In 2017, HOTME® sublimation ink passed the authoritative certification of the ECO PASSPORT of OEKO-TEX of German Hohenstein Research Institute.

Fluorescent Sublimation Ink

Sublimation Printing Process

Step 1 Drawing and retouching on computer.

Step 2 Print the image directly on thermal transfer paper through a digital printing machine.

Step 3 Match the transfer paper to the roller ironing machine, ironing machine temperature is 205-210°C and the transfer time is 30-45s.

Step 4 Make clothes or other finished product.

Ancillary products of Hongsam Fluorescent Thermal Transfer Ink

Heat transfer coating: suitable for coating, spraying and partial printing of medias before heat transfer. By spraying thermal transfer coating on the media, the image can be transferred to the surface of medias by thermal transfer, such as porcelain, cloth, glass, metal and other medias.

Print head protection liquid: used for daily shutdown or standby maintenance of printers, to protect nozzles of printers.

Cleaning agent: mainly used for cleaning pipelines.

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