Disperse Dye Inks
Pre-treatment Agent for Disperse Ink
    • Registered trademark: HOTME®
    • Color: Colorless transparent viscous liquid
    • Chemical class: special polymer compound
    • Environmental protection: does not contain APEO and any restricted substances
    • Application: used for pretreatment of polyester fabric before disperse inkjet printing, washing-free.
    • Storage: Keep away from light and ventilate
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Introduction to Pre-treatment Agent for Disperse Ink

Disperse ink pre-treatment agent (washing-free) is a product developed according to the characteristics of disperse dye ink, disperse dye inkjet substrate (polyester) and disperse inkjet printing process. Compared with commonly used pre-treating fluid, our pre-treatment fluid for disperse ink has the high-definition printing effect on inkjet printing without washing, which simplifies the printing process and saves printing costs.


Hongsam pre-treatment fluid for disperse ink is used for pretreatment of polyester fabric before disperse inkjet printing, washing-free.

Reference process:


It is recommended to dilute it 5-10 times, and the specific concentration should be adjusted according to the fabric and application. “One dip, one pad” and “two pads” processes are commonly used, finally, dry below 100°C.

Advantages of Pre-treatment Agent for Disperse Ink

1. Dispersed inkjet printing primer (washing-free) effectively improves the absorption of inkjet ink by polyester fiber, quickly locks the ink printed on the fabric to prevent bleeding, and achieves a good combination of color intensity and pattern accuracy.

2. It can be self-crosslinked and cured, and there is no need to wash the printed fabric.

3. It does not contain restricted substances, reducing the pollution on printer and working environment.

4. It’s no need to use other products, easy to use and can reduce labor intensity.


1. Stir well before using it.

2. If the cloth after priming and sizing is not printed in time, it must be packed with plastic film to avoid moisture and affecting the printing effect.

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