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Pre-treatment Agent for Sublimation Ink
    • Registered trademark: HOTME®
    • Color: transparent color
    • Chemical class: special polymer compound
    • Environmental protection: does not contain APEO and any restricted substances
    • Application: suitable for coating, spraying and partial printing of medias before heat transfer.
    • Storage: Keep away from light and ventilate
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Introduction to Pre-treatment Agent for Sublimation Ink

Product Description: For better application of HOTME® sublimation ink on metal, wood, ceramics, plastics, glass, fabrics, etc. Hongsam Digital had specially developed HOTME® thermal transfer companion/coating ink, to meet social application of thermal transfer with its professional quality.

Application: HOTME® heat transfer coating ink is suitable for coating, spraying and partial printing of medias before heat transfer. By spraying thermal transfer coating on the media, the image can be transferred to the surface of medias by thermal transfer, such as porcelain, cloth, glass, metal and other medias.

Sublimation Process Flow: Partial spraying (coating) - thermal (sublimation) transfer - finished product

Advantages of Pre-treatment Agent for Thermal Transfer Ink

1. HOTME® sublimation coating ink is completely clear, without any impurity, without any color, and does not interfere with the color, texture, and style of the transfer substrate.

2. The viscosity of HOTME® heat transfer companion is suitable for coating, not easy to produce air bubbles and trachoma, and has good leveling property.

3. The surface of HOTME® thermal transfer coating is smooth and flat, and there is no sign of yellowing after high-temperature transfer and baking.

4. Using HOTME® thermal transfer coating before sublimation can get a high color yield and can fully restore the bright colors of sublimation ink.

5. The surface of the mirror coating has high hardness and scratch resistance, and is less prone to scratches than ordinary coatings.

6. HOTME® thermal transfer coating ink has good weather resistance, UV resistance, water resistance and ozone erosion resistance.

Ancillary Products

HOTME® heat transfer ink: thermal transfer ink is also called sublimation ink, which is mainly used for heating transfer printing. The thermal transfer ink can be heated by the thermal transfer machine to print the pattern and text clearly on other medias.

Print head protection liquid: used for daily shutdown or standby maintenance of printers, to protect nozzles of printers.

Cleaning agent: mainly used for cleaning pipelines.

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