Disperse Dye Inks
HOTME® High Energy Disperse Ink
  • Registered trademark: HOTME®
  • Capacity: 1000g, 5kg, 20kg
  • Applicable print head models: Epson, Ricoh, Seiko, KM, Kyocera, Starfire, etc.
  • Application: HOTME® High energy disperse ink is suitable for digital printing of polyester fabrics such as cloth, clothing, bags, decorative fabrics, flag fabrics, banners, carpets, etc.
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Introduction to High Energy Disperse Dye Ink

High Energy Disperse Dye Ink

* Disperse ink is an ink produced from disperse dyes, and it's a kind of dye ink specially developed for polyester fabrics.

* Disperse ink can be roughly divided into two categories: dye sublimation ink and direct printing disperse ink.

* Hongsam has developed a full range of disperse dye inks, and can provide transfer printing and direct-injection digital printing solutions according to various requirements on fastness.

* According to the different fabrics of customers, and the different capabilities of baking, steaming and washing, we provide different solutions.

Transfer printing process:

(fabric pretreatment) → digital printing → pre-drying → color development (180-200 degrees↓) → steaming (175 degrees-185 degrees, 7-10min) ↑

Supporting auxiliary products:

* Primer for direct printing disperse ink DP-02

* Cleaning doctor

* Print heads protection liquid

* Ink guide liquid

High Energy Disperse Dye Ink

Qualification of High Energy Direct Fabric Printing Ink

1. The high energy direct printing sublimation ink owns national invention patent and independent intellectual property rights.

2. In 2013, the direct fabric printing ink was successfully selected into the Catalogs for Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Issued by China's Printing and Dyeing Industry.

3. Hongsam Digital is the drafting unit of the national standard for disperse dye ink.

4. The polyester printing ink is very environmentally friendly, passed the ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX®.

Advantages of High Energy Sublimation Direct Printing Ink

1. The ink is with high sublimation, resistance transference, high light fastness and stable color development, and can overcome blooming and color staining of low-temperature disperse ink.

2. The ink is with bright and delicate colors, wide color gamut, ultra-high blackness, etc., and bright red, navy blue, royal blue and other spot colors and light colors are available.

3. The direct fabric printing ink enjoys unique formula, less smoke during drying and color development process, greatly improving environmental protection working environment.

4. Compared with the conventional disperse direct inject ink, the washing intensity of high energy disperse ink is greatly reduced, the service life of the leading band is longer, and the maintenance pressure is reduced.

5. The ink has good directional penetrability, which can not only penetrate into the fiber well, but also ensure the required accuracy of patterns.

6. The direct printing sublimation ink is with excellent fluency and stability, protecting print heads, suitable for digital printing of high-speed scanning machines and materials require secondary high temperature molding (such as shoes, bras, etc.).

7. The printing effect of the ink is exquisite and natural, the layers are distinct, and the color is bright and not blooming.

high-temperature disperse dye ink

Development Prospect of Direct Printing Sublimation Ink

According to statistics, polyester accounts for 67% of the total fiber processing volume in the entire textile industry. Polyester fabrics have the advantages of good strength, smoothness, crispness, easy washing and quick drying, so they are favored by printing factories. Therefore, the market of disperse dye ink is large.

Nowadays, sublimation ink is widely used, and is the most common application of disperse dye inks in the field of textile digital printing. The heat transfer printing has been warmly welcomed in textile industry because of it’s simple process, bright color, and low operation cost. However, when heat transfer printing is applied to some high-demand fabrics, it reflects some disadvantages, for example, the permeability is not good, the fabric is prone to cracks, finished product is not resistant to ironing, poor light fastness, and poor fastness to migration. Some high-demand customers began to look for solutions with better performance. High temperature dispersion ink can solve these problems very well and become the new darling of high-end customers.

disperse dye ink

Using Method and Notes of High Energy Disperse Ink

Using Method

1. After opening, the ink can be directly poured into ink cartridges to be used (shake well before opening), no need to dilute or mix colors.

2. When installing printer or replacing ink, please clean it with pure water first, then clean the pipeline of printer with matched cleaning solution, and then clean the pipeline with pure water (mineral water cannot be used instead of pure water) before putting ink.

Note: Whether pretreatment or cleaning is required is decided by actual needs.


1. Working environment: room temperature 20-25℃, humidity 60-70% RH, dust-free.

2. It is strictly forbidden to drink this product, please place the ink out of reach of children.

3. It is strictly forbidden to mix with other types of ink.

4. The shelf life is 1 years in a closed, cool and light-proof environment. It is recommended to use it within two months after opening.

High-temperature Disperse Ink

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